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Gresh - Gladiator of Jungle
"Hailing from the deepest and darkest corners of the Okoto jungle, it's the rookie of the year, so close to winning his first ever championship!  You all know him, you all love him.  Give it up for... Gresh, the Gladiator of Jungle!"
As the announcer's booming, echoing voice faded away beneath the cheering audience, Gresh stepped forward through the gate.  At first, he shielded his eyes as his vision adjusted to the bright sunlight, a stark contrast to the dark armory that he had just left.  Then, as he looked around the arena, he allowed himself a well-deserved moment to fully take in his surroundings.
Even now, after so many games, the arena still took his breath away.  The unorthodox angular stone architecture that reached up towards the heavens... the statues modeled in the likeness of past champions... a massive carving of the Protectors' mask that marked the entrance to the arena, which surely must have taken years to complete, even for the Stone Tribe's
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Dino Attack: Time and Place
Why are you still here?
Standard agent Anubis opened his eyes.  He glanced at the digital clock resting on the desk beside his bunk.  It was 4:04 AM, still too early in the morning for the sun to have risen, and so the sleeping quarters were dark.  Still, his eyes were wide open.  There would be no more sleep for him.
You're not supposed to be here.
Sighing, Anubis got out of bed.  He was already dressed in his Dino Attack uniform and had not even bothered to take off his boots when he retired last night.  In this apocalypse, it paid to be able to jump out of bed and be ready at a moment's notice.
He shouldn't have saved you.
Anubis opened the desk drawer.  His eyes rested upon the revolver inside.  He reached down and took it.  Moving silently to ensure that he did not wake up anyone else, he left the sleeping quarters.
That was not the intended direction of your story.
Opening a door, Anubis entered the men's re
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2016 Politics by PeabodySam 2016 Politics :iconpeabodysam:PeabodySam 8 0
Cold Dishes
It was winter, and it was cold.
With the days so short, the sun had already set long ago, enveloping the world in the darkness of the night.  The only light was cast upon me from the streetlights above, stretching my shadow to impossible lengths across the sidewalk as I passed each post.  As I walked along the pavement, clutching a paper bag, I felt a frosty wind pick up and bite against my face like tiny needles of ice.
But I ignored the darkness and the biting cold, simply clutching my arms tighter to my chest, careful not to rip the paper bag as I did so.  Tonight was too important to turn back merely because of the weather.
When I reached my destination at the end of the street, I looked up at the mansion I was about to enter.  On this freezing night, the prospect of going inside, where there would surely be light, warmth, and the promise of a dish of delicious cooked food, certainly seemed inviting.  And yet, I hesitated.
It was such an important occasion,
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Grisbarba L. Pirata
United States
My name is Grisbarba L. Pirata. If you want to know anything else about me, that's quite classified and personal, you know. However, you can look below at the "Devious Info" section, if you're curious about some things. It is rather outdated, though... hmm, too bad I'm too bad of a procrastinator to properly update it.

And, one more thing: LEGO is awesome, regardless of age. So don't give me any of that crap about "hahaha legos are for little kids". Same with BIONICLE.
Pour hours of hard work into a piece of original artwork that makes you stand back and say, "This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest things I've ever created" and consider it your Magnum Opus?

You're lucky if you get one or two comments, maybe a favorite.

Hastily and effortlessly slop together a Demotivational Poster using a screenshot from a videogame and a website that automatically churns out these posters without you having to do more than just submit a picture and some text... and throw in a reference to Invader Zim?

It gets favorited practically every day.

And after the twentieth notification that someone favorited this piece of crap, you begin to shake your head and say, "What's wrong with you people? I have art in my gallery! Art! Original art! With actual effort! Why is everyone flocking to the lazy Invader Zim Demotivational? Why? WHY?"


And you feel like this guy from Invader Zim:…

NOTE: You may be exempt from the above if you happen to be one of deviantART's better-known artists. Then again, I'm sure that even those artists have those days where they scratch their heads and wonder why people are still favoriting their least-liked upload.
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